Cognitive Work Developed By Students: From the Importance to the Promotion
The task of promoting cognitive work is the School’s most important task. Recent research, carried out in OECD countries, concluded that the differences between developing countries and developed countries should no longer be attributed to the number of years of compulsory schooling, but rather to suitable attention upon the development of cognitive competences (Hanushek & Woessmann, 2010). However learning situations and tasks distributed to the learners are not always sufficiently clear about the cognitive competences that they promote, nor develop that meta-knowledge about the procedures that literature correlates to higher levels of school effectiveness (Enfield, Smith, & Grueber, 2007). Thus, the present study seeks to explore how school subjects such as History and Natural Sciences develop curricular tasks that promote the development of cognitive competences. Research data come from 43 reports from 43 classes of those two school matters. Research could conclude that there is a remarkable difference between the values obtained in the dimension of the importance of the studied tasks and the planned occasions for their implementation and evaluation.